Kory Chaseau

Played by: TJ Riley

Kory is caught in the shadows of his brother Bree’s modeling career. He has managed Bree since they left their small town Ontario home. Although Kory adores and envies his famous sibling, he takes advantage of Bree’s lack of self-control and rampant drug use to undermine his brother’s success.


Lukas Deschamps

Played by: Marc-Antoine Kelertas

As the ruthless right-hand man to Erik Scott, Lukas is trusted and feared. But his unfailing ambition and composure fumble in the face of love, when he falls hard for his boss’ favorite escort.


Monica Singh

Played by: Amrit Kaur

Monica is a dental hygienist and Dr. Lloyd Smith’s personal assistant. Despite using her complicated relationship with Lloyd for her own agenda, she may be the practice’s only hope for survival.


Sikander Salamat-Ali

Played by: Hamza Haq

Sikander works hard delivering food to support his family. While on an impulsive date with a customer, Sikander’s intolerance of North american islamophobia lead him to the heart of a violent confrontation that changes his life forever.


Terri Keaton

Played by: Kate Schroder

Terri has a successful career as an escort, a fact she refuses to apologize for. But the job she operates with so much ease becomes complicated when she finds herself falling for two clients who are closely intertwined — one of whom can help her fast track her budding singing career.


John Billings

Played by: Joel Ballanger

A friend of Kory and Bree since childhood, John plays on their local beer-baseball league. After moving into the city, he lives alone and struggles to adapt to the busy cosmopolitan Toronto life, where no one knows him and no one cares.


Geoffrey Mueller

Played by: Daniel Chichagov

Geoffrey studies in Rayna’s university classroom, where he makes himself indispensable to her. He later becomes obsessed on getting her reinstated after she is fired.