The Company We Keep is Everything.

Meet the Gracemoon Arts Company Ensemble.


Little Wars

LITTLE WARS is a mosaic of intertwining lives. A moving example of our collusion and denial of our duplicity; our ever failing need to cover our vulnerability. We follow a peeping dentist, an imploding male model, a homeless con-man, a desperate instagram star, a lonely spiritual healer, a revolutionary educator, a venture capitalist caught in the #metoo movement, and a single mother running an escort service. Each character tells a unique story, and in the end they reveal the universality of us all.

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Bradley Borgen:
The Actor Who Could Not Cry

In this episodic dramedy, we follow BRADLEY BORGEN, an actor and single everyman, as he tries desperately to pursue an unattainable dream in an increasingly absurd world. Bradley wants nothing more than a career in the often challenging and elusive movie industry, but his inability to cry hinders his success at every turn. Or so he thinks... Each episode takes us further and further through Bradley’s comic and tragic attempts to weep. He engages therapists, doctors, acting teachers, and random hook-ups. Will anything stick? In the background, his best friend Jeffrey helps to guide him in the right direction. But Bradley is always turning left when he should be turning right.

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